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Xtreme Advantage Personal Training & More is a professional high energy, highly motivated, fun and exciting personal training studio for women, men, youth, seniors and athletes of all levels.

Our personalized result oriented programs are especially designed to meet each client goal using resistance / non-resistance exercises, free weights and weight bearing machines, so that regardless of their level of fitness all clients will find it beneficial. This personalized service is designed for people who want serious results in a private atmosphere, without the expensive fees of a health club membership. All of our programs are instructed by selected & experienced certified trainers with various back grounds in fitness.

The "manager / owner" have first hand knowledge and experience in training all type of clients, starting from beginners (looking to get in shape) to professional level athletes (looking to advance their skills above their competitors).

The Wall of Fame


Manager / Owner
Harold Irby
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Harold Irby is a Mr. Michigan Bodybuilding Champion with many state titles and has placed high in several national level contests. He has over 20 years of experience in weight training, bodybuilding, sport specific training and strength conditioning. He is also a former captain of the (North American Tug-O-War Association Champion) Detroit Police Tug-O-War Team. As a Certified Personal Trainer Harold has worked with many athletes (professional, collegiate and high school), celebrities as well as business professionals seeking a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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